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On September 11, 2009, Martin Grusenick gave the world his video evidence that GRAVITY effects light waves in an unexpect manor. Using an interferometer designed by Michelson to compare the SPEED of light coming from the East with the SPEED of light coming from the North, Michelson expected to detect the effect of a stationary Aether (that the Earth was plowing through). Michelson reported in 1890, that he and Morley didn't find the effect they were looking for.

Martin showed his version of Michelson's interferometer, with gave the same results when the apparatus is in the horizontal plane. BUT, there is a much different result when the apparatus is turned on its side and compares one horizontal arm with one vertical arm.

Judge for youself if there is a difference. Watch the Extended Michelson-Morley Interferometer Experiment, by Martin Grusenick.

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This set of pictures is from Martin Grusenick (Germany) showing the detail of his interferometer. Martin rotates his apparatus side-ways in a 360 degree circle. Martin has built three different versions for his testing. Version 1 is shown in the video above.

Martins pictures

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