Action-at-a-Distance Action-at-a-Distance Action-at-a-Distance Action-at-a-Distance

Action-at-a-Distance is the label we have been given by Newton describing the mysterious way gravity acts on everything. Two hunderd years later, Michael Faraday used the term for the mysterious way magnets acted on each other and other iron objects.

The term has come to be know as the unknown ability for an object to influence another object without actually touching it. Two stellar objects attract each other from afar. Two magnets pull (or push) each other with no physical contact.

Common place Examples

leaf blower clouds blowing sail boats river rafts

We are comfortable with these examples above, (Leaf Blowing, Clouds Blowing, Sails Blowing-in-the-Wind, and Rafts on the River), because we are we comfortable with the underlining machanics. They are all "caused" by a "moving fluid", which we can easily see/feel, or otherwise identify.

Mysterious or NOT understood Examples

gravity1 magnetic lines gyroscope

Most people know about these examples above, (Gravity, Magnets, and Gyroscopes) but haven't a clue about the underlining machanics. Even professional Physicists don't have a clue. A "moving fluid", which we CANNOT see/feel, or otherwise identify, would explain the "cause" of the forces.

Completely Mysterious and MISunderstood Examples

quark fission pith balls

Very few people know about these examples above, (The *Strong Nuclear* force, the *Weak Nuclear* force and Coulomb's/Static Electric Force - Pith Balls attracted by an oppositely charged wand), and those who do know about them have come up with mathematical discriptions that insist on having an "Exchange Particle".

A force has to be "caused" by something. All our known examples have forces that are "caused" by a "moving fluid". The Strong and Weak force appear to be the result of "something" pushing in from the outside area.

The truth is in the details

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